Still new to this but here goes……

April 8, 2010

Heres a little tip from your uncle gonzo if a man points a 44mag long barrell revolver at you and tells you to put his ford f250 pickup down off of the tow truck….do exactly as the man says as quickly and courteously as possible and get the fuck out of there.

If you are the redneck dumbass with a 44mag long barrell revolver pointed at the repo man, after he leaves the puddle he is standing in and gets the fuck out of there.HIDE YOUR TRUCK!

Two hours later I went back to the rednecks trailer with a key, and rooster tailed dirt all over the side of that fuckers double-wide when I stole his truck….THANK GOD IT STARTED!


about this blog….

April 8, 2010

So here’s the deal I have a wealth of helpful hints that I must share with the world because my wife and kids don’t want to hear them anymore!

These are mostly common sense nuggets of wisdom I have picked along the way, not a whole lot of HOLY SHIT! THAT’S BRILLIANT ideas, but every now and then I do come up with some good stuff. WARNING I speak my mind in ADULT terms and dont give a fuck who likes it! If that offends you then go away and have a nice life…. for those of you still with me you can expect short and sweet summaries of experiences I have survived in my life doing various jobs like repoman,bouncer,bounty hunter,car salesman, loss prevention dude and telemarketer to name a few. So hopefully some will learn something if not its ok cause I like hearing myself type.